Sunday, September 18, 2016

Amazing Grace by J. Kozol

After reading this article by J. Kozol I was a little lost so i went online to look for a more visual aid.

After I watched this video I could picture what I was reading a whole lot better. So for this journal entry I'm going to be doing a hyper link approach. This writing discuss the poverty and segregation of the bronx of New York around 1995. During this time the living situation for the people of color was very hard. Throughout the article she discusses how they lived and how you could tell from a young age how the area affected the development of these children. AIDs had a massive impact on the community along with crack and heroin. But even though these horrible diseases and addictions have the top priority of this community there is still hope. I loved this part that i had to put it in here.

"But he was too cold to move his

mouth! He couldn't talk!"

"How did you know that he was hungry if he couldn't


"He pointed to my pizza."
"What did you do?" "I gave him some!"

"Were your parents mad at you?"

He looks surprised by this. "Why would they be mad?"
he asks. "God told us, 'Share!' "

This young boy defiantly has his heart and his morals in the right place, his mother defiantly raised him right. This part warmed my heart even with all the bad in his community he still has a heart of gold. While reading this article i connected it to the article by Kristof. This article is a great example of his views on how your environment and family effects you. But on the other had i still feel that people can do anything or be anything they can put there mind to even if they don't have everything. 


  1. I like how you connected Amazing Grace back to how your environment can shape you and your outcome. As well as the fact you mentioned the young boy and his generosity and religious faith that typically you would not expect in an environment such as his.

  2. Thank you for the visual aid! This also helps me make more concrete connections